The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching purported paranormal activity in private residence, businesses, and public buildings.  Our goal is to be an objective listener to claims of paranormal activity and to provide assistance in both finding rational explanations for these claims, and to collect technological data that may give insight as to whether or not a location is deemed “haunted”.

There are many people who are afraid to live in their own homes due to unexplainable phenomena.  We strive to help those people better understand what they may be experiencing and to give the clients help in any way we can.  Pasadena Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to making sure that the client’s well-being always comes first and we offer all our help FREE OF CHARGE.  Clients pay nothing, we only ask that they respect the time we take from our lives to help them with their situations.

All paranormal evidence including photos, videos, audio recordings and investigative reports, are kept in total confidence. However, we may or may not choose to release or publish information on cases where permission HAS BEEN granted.  Any authorized release of evidence will be made available to the public unaltered and uncensored via our website or in person.  We pledge to present true and accurate data to the public through means such as the Internet, meetings, conferences, and educational venues.

If you have collected evidence you believe to be authentic we will gladly sit and help you to examine and analyze it.  This service is also free of charge.

Pasadena Paranormal regularly attends and/or presents at paranormal conferences throughout the United States each year.  Future projects include creation, modification and testing of new paranormal equipment and documentary projects filmed at haunted locations intended for the public forum.

Pasadena Paranormal is not accepting any new members at this time. We welcome the opportunity to work with other paranormal groups and people we meet at conventions, conferences and through Facebook (or other social media) who have shown they have knowledge and experience in this field and that their main goal is to HELP OTHERS.


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