DONN SHY | Investigator, Videographer


I grew up with a curiosity in the paranormal. Watching the old movies, when they were new, hearing ghost stories from friends and family for years, ignited an interest in ALL things paranormal. As long as I can remember, at least 30 years, I have studied, read, watched, and researched everything I could get my hands on regarding the strange, paranormal, and extra terrestrial, etc. I decided that there must be truth to some of this, and began actually investigating. I need to find the truth. I love the hunt but I prefer the review of the evidence. I am intrigued with anything technical and enjoy working with the technical end of things. I have an interest in photography and more recent videography. I love working with the equipment. My regular job as a product designer and graphic artists. I also am a writer in my spare time. I am honored to work with PPRS as they are a professional group that share my same interest in the paranormal, and I love that they are more interested in helping people deal with the paranormal and take a scientific approach to explain the nature of activities experienced by those who need to know they have help.


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