TIM MORISHITA | Administrative Assistant, Investigator


Tim relies on his theatre experience as a stage lighting and set designer in assisting the group in the technological aspect of the investigations. He has several local community productions on his resume. He as also served as an university administrator and as a bank officer. But he hopes his interests in electric data gathering will be of greatest service.


One thought on “TIM MORISHITA | Administrative Assistant, Investigator

  1. Hi Tim! Is this the Tim Morishita who graduated from Lincoln High? This is Richard Kato. I need to talk to you please as soon as possible about a fellow Lincoln High alum. Please email me at RichardOKato@aol.com or call my cell at 310-720-8863. If this is not the right Tim, I sincerely apologize but your photo here seems to look like you. Thanks for understanding.


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