TOMY DURANT | Director, Malevolent Haunting Consultant


A dedicated husband and Paranormal Consultant with over 14 years in the Paranormal and Occult Sciences, Tomy has devoted his life to helping clients experiencing malevolent hauntings.   He has studied a wide range of theologies and belief systems in order to clearly identify, categorize, and safely resolve cases of demonic or discordant spirit attacks.  Tomy has consulted with teams and individuals throughout the world to overcome negative activity and bring peace once again to those in need.

Since 2007, Tomy has been Co-Host / Co-Producer of the Altered States Paranormal Podcast ( which currently airs on the Planet Paranormal Network and has a worldwide following.  The goal of the show was to spread in depth information about a wide variety of paranormal happenings to the global audience.  Altered States covered everything from Cryptozoology, Demonology, Ufology, Ancient Civilizations, and many other topics.

Thomas lectures all over the country at Paranormal Conferences as well as on College and University campuses sharing his experiences while working to educate the public on the possible hazards, threats, and dangers that Paranormal Investigators face.


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