ANNE “Yoda” O’NEILL | Sensitive/Medium


I am a sensitive/ medium whom specializes in psychometric abilities and clairsentient capabilities. As a child I grew up with supernatural occurrences around me, yet no one to explain them. I discovered spirits and my abilities on my own through a myriad of experiences of which for a long time I tried to repress. After well over a decade convincing myself that the things that go bump in the night was just the water heater; I reclaimed my abilities and myself, and sought guidance how to use them to help discover, protect, and find fulfillment in order to help, heal, and guide people on their journey through this life and beyond. However, I am college educated, well traveled, and fairly grounded in logic; not your stereotypical sensitive. But at the end of the day I hope to document scientific evidence of the paranormal that can help, educate, and heal people in their adventures ahead.