DIRK MONAPERT | Audio Specialist


I was born August 29th, 1968. I heard the stories relating to my grandfather’s house as told to me by my parents. I remember always having a feeling of being watched while I was there. (The same feeling you’d get when an old analogue television warms up.) The hairs on my arms would nearly always stand on end while I was in the downstairs hallway of his house. He sold the house when I was around ten or eleven. An early obsession with music caused me to get into audio. When I was five my grandfather bought my family a Hammond organ that had a built in audio cassette recorder. It had speed adjust so you could record yourself on slow & then play back the audio at normal or double speed to make it sound like “The chipmunks” or some kind of cartoon voice. I got into the paranormal side of audio after writing many “dark” songs and lyrics for a Halloween / horror themed band I was in during high school, and was later hired to write a series of “Horror cues” for a motion picture and television advertising agency. Since then I’ve been creating Horror music and recording audio in haunted places, in hopes of capturing a class “A” EVP recording.


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