DOC. | Case Manager


I was born and raised in Hawaii and completed my undergraduate studies in Religion in Boulder,

Colorado. I moved to California in 2005, bounced around a bit, and completed my doctorate in

Clinical Psychology in Los Angeles in 2011. I currently work as a therapist for children and

families in the San Fernando Valley.

My experience ranges across the board, from working with animals to working with children; in

radio, in inpatient psych wards, residential rehabs, all kinds of different places and populations. I

love people and the connections they have.

I am an open-minded skeptic, I am extremely interested in paranormal phenomena but can’t say

for sure that I’ve experienced it myself. I have a great respect for and curiosity of the unknown,

and hope to bring my knowledge and compassion to the team.


One thought on “DOC. | Case Manager

  1. Help, I would like to see if it’s possible for you to help myself and family due to the circumstances that have been filmed and I can’t explain it north and she she’s a firm believer we have ours and footage if you could please contact me at per email or phone I would deeply appreciate it so I can get this taken care of and put behind me the realtor that sold us our house did not disclose information that I have found out so if you get the time I would more than be happy to allow you to research the footage interview myself and her at separate times and then together hopefully we can come to a closure on this particular item or items thank you


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