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I am one of the few true Native Californians, born here on February 4, 1960 near downtown Los Angeles. I live in neighboring La Crescenta, with my wife (Dora) and my two beautiful daughters. I work for the nation’s second largest school district as an IPM Technician. I love my work and get along well with those I work with. I may be the groups true “Skeptic” having never had a paranormal experience, but a great interest… and curiosity. I try to approach things with my eyes and mind open and my mouth shut when the truth is evident. I came to the group to help, and found that there is a real drive for these people to do just that…

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt in your philosophy” – Hamlet Act I scene 5 – W. Shakespeare.


6 thoughts on “GIL SALDANA | Investigator, Co-Founder

  1. Hello Mr. Saldana, I’m glad your society exists. I am having a,very stressed paranormal time in my apartment in Alhambra. So much to tell. I would very like to speak with someone. Please help. My name is also Saldana, coincidence?

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  2. I’m an aspiring engineer. And people think I’m crazy because I’m a little afraid of the dark. When I grow up I wanna be a musician but make paranormal study machines as a side job. My family don’t know about it. I pretend I don’t believe in ghosts but I do. Idk where to start. When I was a kid I thought I was dreaming when a Poo Bear doll got pesesed and started fighting me as a kid. But when I started growing I believed it was real because the activity mellowed down but now I believe they are gone. But they used to whisper in my room. I never slept until 12 or 3. Now I hear 1 whisper but I’m not scared anymore now that I’m older. But when I do grow up where can I start? And when is the best time to start investigating? And are actual ghost you can see like the ones in ghostbusters or Casper? Please answer these questions. I need a professional answer.


    • Firstly, if you want to design paranormal equipment you’ll have to start to admit you believe in ghosts. Paranormal people have a tendency not to trust those who fear what they don’t believe in.
      Dennis Liang, on our team, designs some of the more specialised electronics we use. Try looking him up.
      You’ll find that certain equipment used wasn’t actually intended for ghost hunting. For example: The K2 meter is intended for electricians to measure electrical current and leaks. Ghost hunters use it to find emf (Electro Magnetic Field ) spikes connected to paranormal activity.
      If you experienced paranormal activity as a child, don’t be too surprised. Children are more susceptible to these “ghost visits” because they’re more open. As they get older their reasoning mind takes over and slowly convinces you that it never happened.
      When is the best time to start? When you really believe you’re ready. Research reportedly haunted places in your neighborhood. Check with your school. Some schools have “Paranormal Clubs” who meet to discuss the current tech and resent discoveries in the paranormal field.
      Most teams won’t take a member unless they’re over 18.
      There have been incidents where spirits manifest themselves where they’re as solid as you and I, but most are just stories of voices, noises, and objects being moved.
      Not sure if this was any help.
      I’ve gathered some stories of paranormal incidents within the Los Angeles Unified School District and posted them on Tumblr.

      Best of Luck,
      Gil Saldana


      • There are so many interesting parts of our existence.  It’s nice to know people as yourself who are willing to come forward and share it.  Looking forward to meeting you.  Thank you, Mitzi


      • I’m glad we had a chance to speak.
        Unfortunately, since my health has been comprised I am unable to participate in, not only your’s but, any investigation.
        I hope all turns out well. I have complete faith in the team.

        Gil Saldana


  3. Well I was hoping to hear from somebody about this little blonde girl a ran into crying the other night sitting on the grass by the side walk in Pasadena but whatever maybe this stupid haunting experience will past one day


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