DENNIS LIANG | Independent Investigator

Drake Dragon

I have been an electronics “geek” for as long as I can remember. From a younger age I was always fascinated on how things work (not the Disney magic stuff). Everything that I came in contact generally had been taken apart and put back together. I had a fun time modifying electronics part of my toys. I learned about power supplies, regulation and TTL-logic in pre-high school era. Constant experimentation with science and technology gave me a grand inside on problem solving strategies. I never give into a problem I can’t solve. I was never really much into anything fictional.

As I was growing up, I also had a small but interesting fascination with anything science has a tough time explaining (or can’t explain). I gain interested in the occult (from an anthropologies perspective), as well as hearing about ghost stories. Sometimes I did late night research into position and places that were “haunted”. Never really though much into that for a long time as my family is Buddhist (and wanted me to follow). I keep everything low profile.

Moving to California in my Senior high school years, I practiced allot of math, science, technology. Studied computer science and learned everything about computers. Though I cannot touch type at the time, I “Wowed” the typing instructor at a record 160+ WPM (I explained later I wrote a script to auto-typed for me). I soon discovered my problem solving skills would be not comparable to any long term degrees. I joined many math and science clubs around this time. Even found a “paranormal” club in high school (though it very much explained the occult section). This is my first experience in the world of paranormal and dowsing rods.

After a few years of collage I soon discovered I had a “nack” for “making things work”. I learned that I almost always take an investigative approach to any problem. I always tried to test all possibilities, whether it writing a program or problem solving. I leave no stone unturned.

Midway in my first job, I did see a show called “Ghost Hunters”. Though this is not the first paranormal show I have seen as I remembered a show in the late 90’s called “PSI Factor”, this show was really fictional, although hosted by Dan Aykroyd. Since “Ghost Hunters” is a documentary, I gained interest in it for a few years. Being the fact I was a 24/7 tech, didn’t leave me with much time for myself until I left to work as a computer Contractor doing business as “Drakes Computers”. Whenever I had spare time I begin hunting for paranormal research groups that might need another tech to make more “advancements” using the scientific method. This is when I found PPRS back in ’07 or was it ’06.

I meet with PPRS at Queen Mary that fall to meet with PPRS. I even dressed formal that evening. After Syd Schulz interviewed me on the phone a few days ahead, he suggested we meet in person, soon to discover how much of a tech I really am. After that he learned that I build custom equipment when the need arises. I even build several generations of DVR’s and Data loggers which sparked interest in the “more” science community.

From then I shifted my focus to help team and people understand the physic and science of what is not paranormal and what might be.

For many years now, I have met all types of people “believers” and skeptics. I don’t consider myself a true believer or skeptic, rather a scientist that reports information and tries hard to document everything. In a way I do “believe” in something we call “science”. Whenever a magic trick is explained, it easily becomes a science. Of course I’m more interested in how that trick was performed…

Throughout my younger life I meet so many types of people; inventors, scientist, engineers, paranormal investigators, Wiccan, vampirism, Satanist, demonologist, etc. I hope to continue to meet amazing people from many walks of life.


One thought on “DENNIS LIANG | Independent Investigator

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