JASON CARRASCO | Director, Mental Health Therapist


I am a proud resident of the city of Pasadena, and was born in the “City of Angels”. The mental health field has been my passion for many years and I am a Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist. I completed my undergraduate education at USC and received my Masters of Science in Counseling in Family and Child Therapy at the University of Phoenix. I currently work at a large county contracted mental health outpatient agency. I also have experience working in inpatient psychiatric hospitals. I facilitate treatment services including screening, orientation, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, consultation, education, and mental health therapy services for individuals and families. I have also walked the “Red Road” for the many years and help facilitate and participate in numerous traditional Native American Ceremonies. I believe that both science and spirituality have the ability to complement one another, and help us find more answers while walking our Mother Earth.


3 thoughts on “JASON CARRASCO | Director, Mental Health Therapist

  1. Bro please e mail me back something has happened to me that keeps me up at night and also worrying me to the point of almost walking to the police station to see if there was a missing little girl

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