• How We Choose our Cases

         The process of how cases are chosen is relatively simple:

We receive, either, a call, or an email to determine the severity of the case.  All calls go to a voice mail system and are then forwarded to the entire team for review. Emails requests are also reviewed by the entire team.  If the team deems the case valid for further review, we will send out the preliminary questionnaire for the client to complete and return to us.  The more information and detail, the more accurate our assessment will be.  Questions left unanswered make the process more difficult, and our team less likely to accept the case on our docket.  The team will be in contact regardless of our decision to take the case or not.

  • Please NEVER record video, photos or audio in your own home.  You never know what you will hear and you may be making the activity worse.
  •  Please do not use a Ouija board or other spirit contact devices in your home.  This may also exacerbate activity in the location.
  •  Please do not provoke or get angry with the activity in your home.  This will certainly only make things worse IF the location is haunted.
  •  Don’t jump to conclusions that everything is paranormal; there are many logical, medical or psychological explanations to a majority of purported activity, so please try and stay “grounded”.
  • Burning Sage is not a “fix all”.  Please do not perform home cleansings on your own without consulting our team or a specialist first.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or ill, leave the location immediately in a calm and orderly manner.
  • Talk to other people in the location to see if they have experienced anything.  Many people are afraid to speak up, but rest assured that nearly half the US population believes in ghosts, and you can then begin to build a support circle.
  • If someone is seeking to charge you fees for their services in the paranormal, chances are they do NOT have your best interest at heart and it will more than likely NOT solve the issues at hand.

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