We work directly with clients to help meet their needs.  Please understand that all requests will be handled as quickly as possible, however because our staff is volunteer based, it may take several business days to receive a response.  Once contacted by one of our case managers, the following steps will be required before an investigation is booked.

  • Please fill out the questionnaire with as much detail as possible
  • Please keep a diary of further activity.  Include the Date, Time of Day, Location, and a brief description of the activity
  • You will be asked to conduct a phone interview, please be as forthcoming and honest as possible with ALL QUESTIONS.  Though you have the right to refuse to answer any of the questions, the team may deny your claim for an investigation based on your cooperation.  Please also remember that all information is strictly CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Please give us the best times to reach you via the contact information provided.
  • Please understand that when we come to do research at your location, we request that all weapons and pets be either locked away safely or removed from the premises.

For help,please fill out the form below and a representative of the team will be in contact.



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